Информације за полазнике Континуиране медицинске едукације

Final announcement ICHM 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to inform you that all arrangements for ICHM 2017 are finalised. Scientific Programme of ICHM 2017 with detailed time table is presented here on the website.

Main hotel of the ICHM 2017 will be hotel Falkensteiner, 3 minutes’ drive from Sava Centre. Welcome cocktail will be in hotel Falkensteiner on Thursday, May 11th, from 19:00 to 21:00.

Please keep in mind that hotel Falkensteiner will be our meeting point for everyday shuttle transfers for the purpose of ICHM 2017: hotel – venue – hotel on complimentary base. We invite all participants to send us their flight schedules as we plan to organise transfers from/to airport, also on complimentary base.

Invited speakers from all over the world will come to present the newest information in hyperbaric and diving medicine. We wish to all our guests and participants a pleasant trip with fruitful and enjoyable stay in our White City – Belgrade.

Dear friends WELCOME!

Пријављивање за конгрес и семинар у оквиру КМЕ је обавезно и врши се у Центру за континуирану медицинску едукацију преко е-maila: kontinuiranaedukacija@med.bg.ac.rs или на телефоне 011/36 36 363 и 011/36 36 364.

Линк за све информације о трошковима едукације, као и број текућег рачуна Медицинског факултета на који се уплата врши можете наћи на: http://mfub.bg.ac.rs/sr/centri/centar_za_kontinuiranu_medicinsku_edukaciju/edukacije/2017/

Трошкови едукације обухватају:

Семинар 11.05.2017 Конгрес ICHM 2017 12. и 13.05.2017.
Присуство стручним сесијама
ICHM2017 књига апстракта
Кафе паузе

Кафе паузе и ручак су обезбеђени у оквиру конференцијског програма у Сава Центру.

Напомена: Посета Специјалној болници за хипербаричну медицину се може организовати за заинтересоване учеснике.

Уколико имате додатних питања можете се обратити на office@ichm2017.com

ICHM International Congress Hyperbaric Medicine
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To activate your account, please click the link you received by e-mail !

Please be so kind to follow further steps to complete your LOGGING IN, REGISTRATION, ABSTRACT SUBMISSION, PAYMENT and HOTEL RESERVATION for ICHM 2017:

Enter website ichm2017.com

  • On the Home Page look on the left side for the button LOGIN and click on it.
  • Small window LOGIN will open. Make your username and password. Remember it. Click on: Create an account.
  • Form Create an account will open. Fill your data as they appear. Then press REGISTER ACCOUNT and your data will be saved and stored.
  • Leave website ichm2017.com
  • Go on your mail INBOX list and look for the message from ICHM 2017 administration with link that will enable you to activate your account. Double click on the link and you will enter your account. Now you are logged in for the site ichm2017.com
  • Any time you want to enter again on your account, go on ichm2017.com , then go on LOGIN button, put your username and password and you will be LOGGED IN and welcomed.
  • To register for the conference, on the Home Page click button REGISTRATION, then click REGISTRATION FORM. Fill the form and click on: New Registration for ICHM 2017. Now you are registered for the conference and you know your registration fee value.
  • Before the payment, You can change the data in Registration form.
  • Registration for the conference is completed when the payment is realized.
  • For submitting your Abstract, go on REGISTRATION, then ABSTRACT SUBMISSION and follow the instructions for writing Abstract. In the black square click the button BROWSE to find and download the file of your Abstract (Office Word). The filename of Your Abstract will appear on the page Registration, You will add the Abstract Title and choose presentation (oral or poster). ICHM 2017 administration will inform you about verification of your presentation (Oral or Poster), topic placement and time schedule. Abstracts can only be accepted on the specific undertaking that the person submitting completes registration for the conference and is in attendance during the conference.
  • You can make your payment through PAYPAL system or through Bank account. Please note that once you have payed your registration through PayPal, if you have any additional payment you will have to do it through bank transaction. Please keep in mind that Your Abstract will not be included in Book of Abstracts without confirmed payment for the Conference.
  • For hotel reservation, go from Home Page on GENERAL INFORMATION, then ACCOMODATION where you will find all necessary information and on the bottom click button HOTEL RESERVATION FORM. Print it, fill it, SIGN IT and submit it (e-mail office@ichm2017.com or fax +381/11/2650-823) and information about your hotel reservation will be confirmed in 24 hours.

For any additional information, contact us: office@ichm2017.com or +381/11/3670-158.

Welcome to Belgrade!

ICHM 2017 Conference Office